Unravel Yourself

If you're walking through hell, keep going

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Miss. Honey was a wonderful teacher and a friend to everyone.  But her life was not as simple and as beautiful as it seemed. Miss. Honey had a deep dark secret. Though it caused her great pain, she did not let it interfere with her teaching.”

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Supernatural the Musical Episode:

With songs such as:

  • So Get This - ft. Sam Winchester
  • Sonofabitch -  ft. Dean Winchester
  • Goddammit I Think I Fucked Shit Up Again - ft. Castiel
  • The Woman’s Lament - ft. Female ensemble 
  • Dude, No Homo - A Dean and Castiel Duet
  • Oh God this Sexual Tension is Killing Me - ft. Sam Winchester
  • The Return of Kevin Freaking Solo - ft. Kevin Tran
  • Still in Hell - ft. Adam Milligan

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